Decorative Border Ephemera For Junk Journal Pages

There are so many ways to create borders for your junk journal pages but I will go over a few in hopes to inspire you to add to your collection of DIY Junk Journal ephemera.

To start let’s discuss the shape of the borders first. They can be straight lined strips with varying degrees of width or cut using Fiskars edger scissors to create an interesting detail along the edge. You can also use a stencil to pencil mark the shape you want or even free hand scissor cut the edge design.

Next let’s talk about paper. The technique you use to decorate, can look a whole lot different depending on the paper you use. Imagine changing up the paper from music sheets, coloring pages, magazine pages, book pages, cardstock to pattern paper, they will all create a variety of looks.

Now that we have the base of our junk journal borders discussed we can dive into the techniques used to apply the layers on top. I absolutely love adding watercolor splotches then finishing with doodles on top. However, stamping impressions with either a single ink pad color or multiple is my next go to. If you don’t mind a bit of a messy imprint, you can watercolor on top of the stamps for a unique look. If you use an ink pad that is not water based pigment dye, like archival ink, the water will have no effect on the stamped image. However, I personally love the look of a stamped impression that is sprayed with water or had a spread of light watercolor paint over it.

Next up is using a blending tool to create a gradient burst of color then use a stencil on top to create a design. I love to add a bit of cursive writing to the background of the page before applying ink. I can either write my thoughts or just write random inspiring words like; dream, hope, love, peace etc.

Do you have stickers that you bought but don’t love enough to use? I do. They are the leftovers that remain from a cheap sticker pack. I love being a kid again and delighting in sticking them down with wild abandonment. I don’t give myself time to overthink it. I layer them in a collage way then I will embellish it with a quote or saying. This way the whole sticker can’t be seen so they just make a fun design.

Next up on my list of techniques, is using embossing folders to create a raised design. I either color the raised design with pencil crayons or I use an embossing pen to then use embossing powder to heat emboss. This creates a gritty texture that I love.

Have a ton of washi tape? Who doesn’t! 😁 Layer strips on the borders either straight, diagonal or chevron to create a focal point design. Be careful to match the colors or pick one color to work with to keep it from looking gaudy. Washi tape you bought in a pack might have the best chance of matching well.

Make sure when you are creating your ephemera you consider your junk journal style. If you love vintage / rustic, make sure to keep to colors that will work with that theme so that when you are digging through your stash, it will be easy to find things that match. For me, I absolutely love color and make journals that represent that. It is all about you and what makes you happy. Let your personal style shine off the pages of your junk journal.

Once you start looking around your craft space, I am sure you can think up of many other techniques to build up your page border stash. Let me know in the comments what you come up with. I would love to hear your own crafty combinations.

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