• Do you have a following on a Social Media platform?
  • Do you have an Email List?
  • Do you like the products for sale at PaperMuse?

If so, then you may be a great candidate for the Design Team!



Hi there, I’m Theresa, the designer and owner of PaperMuse. I’m looking for some creative peeps to help me get my products seen by people who will find them of value.  If you love my designs and have a following on Social Media then you probably will fit the criteria I’m looking for.  I’m hoping your topic of choice is junk journals but if you think my products will be a fit for your followers, then by all means apply.



Coupon Code

You will be able to offer your followers a discount via a coupon code.  Each time a purchase is made using your coupon code you will earn a percentage of the shopping cart total.  This will be sent to you every month on the 1st.  


Free Digitals

Each month you can pick out 5 digital files you would like to receive for free.  This gives you the ability to showcase the products in your creations on your Social Media channel.


Time Commitment

The design team is reviewed every 3 months.


Network & Support

Let’s be a team and work together.


QUESTIONS?  fill out the form here to email me. I would love to discuss all the deets with you.


READY to Apply?


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