Make your Mark

At times, it can be intimidating working on a blank page but even more so when working on something already created.  I know this, because I get to a stage where I am so much in love with my junk journal, that adding more layers can cause me difficulty.  It is because the question always pops up… “What if I wreck what I already have?”

Honestly, it’s a valid question.  When is a page done or when can more layers make it even better? 

I can tell you that I have indeed wrecked a page by adding more in the past. However, often the case is, when I struggle through the hesitation I get out of my comfort zone and end up making something I love.  I have to remember to detach from the product (the page at the end) and enjoy the process. It’s a time to explore and have fun trying out new things.  If you make a mess you can always layer over it or cover it with white paint.

Be fearless.  After all it’s just paper, yes, we feel an ownership of what we have created but just remember you can always continue creating. Give yourself a chance to stretch your creativity(words I need to live by since I have a junk journal 3/4ths complete but not daring to do the last parts I think it needs. lol)

So take a deep breath in, make your mark and dive in deep to allow yourself a place to play.  If things go array, rip it up! Kidding, just collage over it or glue it together with the next page and then journal about it.

How to start adding your own mark to something someone else made?

I suggest picking your favorite art supply, such as a pen, pencil, pencil crayon, crayon, paint, marker, etc. Then make a mark on each page.  You can doodle or color a shape, write words, trace an object, etc.  Or you can go the collage route and use magazine clippings, stickers, scrap paper, etc to glue or stick down something.

Just have fun and make it your own.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out my youtube channel.