Mass Making Ephemera for Junk Journals

Let me start off with telling you a secret…

I love making ephemera more than putting a junk journal together.


It is just so much fun mass making all the bits and bobs to fill up my junk journal pages.  My favorite place in my craft space are my two bins full of my DIY ephemera.  This is like a treasure chest for me.  When I start with a fresh newly handmade junk journal I dig through these bins and within one sitting I can fill the pages enough to make the journal chunky and full of interest so that when I sit down again I am inspired already with what is on the pages.  So this is why I do my ephemera making ahead of time and a bunch all at once.  Perhaps I can talk you into having your own bin of prepared ephemera you make yourself.  If you already do this, yah!

I am going to run through every type of ephemera I make!  I have a OneNote notebook section dedicated to growing this list. I clip screenshots from all over the internet of ephemera ideas that inspire me to create so I will be adding to this list, so grab a bookmark.  You can always come back to reference the list for ideas.

Here we go….



These provide a bit of space for writing and are usually tucked in using other ephemera.



These can be pieces of a master board cut up.  What is a master board? It is basically a big piece of paper used as a background to collage on with mixed papers and usually there is some decoration on top with stamps, stickers, paint, etc.  Then the paper is cut up into tags, clusters, etc.  Clusters to me are scrap pieces of paper or fabric, clustered together to create an embellishment.


Belly Bands

These are wide strip of decorated paper that are glued in only at the top and bottom which allow tags and journaling cards to be tucked into.



These can be sewn or glued to make a pocket for a tag to be tucked into and stored.

Corner / bottom / hidden / 3 tier / double sided open paper glued down


Tuck Ins

not pockets, just glued on two sides.  Color Page / illustration cut out and glued two sides in corner.



These line a side of the page providing decoration.


Postage Stamps

These are made with stamps and paper to resemble postage stamps.



A perfect place to tuck something away for further writing on or to read when thumbing through the junk journal.



You can make faux ones or use old vintage postcards. Either way they can decorate a tuck spot on a page.


Journal Cards

Perfect for a spot of writing.  These are great for when a page is decorated so fully that there is no room for writing left.


Mini Notebooks/Pads

These give added space for writing that can be pulled out and used then tucked back in.


Folios / Folders

These are fun multi layered tuck spots for gluing on a page.  They can add a lot of chunk to a junk journal so be careful.


Bookmarks / Tabs

Decorative way to organize your junk journal into sections or mark your place in your book.


Paper clips with Decoration

Using a decorated paper clip is another way to attach ephemera into your junk journal.


Tassels / Dangles

These decorate the outside spine of the junk journal or can be used along the page ends.


Folds / Flips ups or edge over folded

If you like the idea of your junk journal to be interactive while flipping through it then flip ups or fold overs are a nice touch. It gives you a hidden spot to add a bit of decoration or a secret message.



Card that is glued at top, can have something tucked under it.


Shaped Paper Punches / Die cuts

These are great pieces to use when starting to make your own ephemera.  Can be added directly to the page as well.


Ticket Stubs

DIY Embellishments that are decorated with bits of paper and stickers.  Cut them out in the shape of ticket stubs.


Coffee Dyed Paper

Dip the paper into coffee and let try or bake in your oven for nice crinkly vintage paper to fill your junk journals.


Scrappy Fabric

Cinch fabric together to create ruffles or just use scraps to glue onto Ephemera.


I will be filling this post out with pictures along the way but I hope the words were enough to spark an idea for your next ephemera mass making!

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