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I have just become a little obsessed with creating paper clip tabs and pockets for my junk journals.  This is something I have never made before but thought why not! I am always looking for ideas to add to my junk journal ephemera DIY stash.  I love keeping that box brimmed full with treasures to pluck and glue or tuck into my pages when I have just completed making a fresh junk journal.  It just adds so much life so quickly.

Above are my two videos on junk journal paperclip ephemera ideas.  Both ideas were taken from tutorial videos on YouTube and you can find the link in the description of each video so you can get the full how to details.  I just thought I would leave it to the pro’s since I was able to follow their instructions so easily.

If you do check out their video tutorial, you will notice what I made is completely different looking to what they made. This is how it goes. We all have different supplies and styles so we take the inspiration and how to, then make it our own.  This is what I love about our junk journal community. We can share our ideas freely and then our crafty peers can add their own variations to it.

I have been trying to use up the fabric scraps that I have bought at a thrift store. I was inspired at the time of purchase but you know how it goes, my stash has been sitting on my shelf for awhile.  I gave ruffles a go but as soon as I released the pin holding the fabric so I could sew over the fabric, I lost a bit of the gap between the fabric so they are not as pronounced as I would have liked.  I decided to use them to decorate the pockets I made.  I added a fussy cut stamped image on top with a gem for a bit of bling.  I had just bought some maroon wax so I added wax stamps to the others.  It is so much fun making these stamps.  I wish I had more uses for them! 🙂

What are you busy creating in your craft space these days?  Is there a certain type of Ephemera that has your attention?  Please feel free to share in the comments. I’m all ears.

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