Prompt Tag Collection


I am super duper excited to introduce these Junk Journal Prompt Tags.  I had so much fun creating these and thinking up ideas. I hope they will be a spring board for you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new that expands your creativity.  I will start off by saying these tags can be used in your own way, from your own perspective. There are no rules just fun exploration.

However, here are a few suggestions;

#1. Buy a composition notebook or make a junk journal from recycled materials such as book pages, magazine, sheet music, painted paper etc.

The idea here is to use something that doesn’t cost you much and isn’t precious to you.  This will give you permission to play, be messy and… perhaps “ruin it”.  Lift the pressure of it being perfect and see it as a playground for creativity.

#2. Focus on Process not the end result.

These prompts are probably not going to fit your regular way of making a junk journal.  Most likely you will be using supplies you don’t normally use and cover topics that you never have covered before.  Let this be a playbook, don’t worry so much about loving it in the end. If it helps, you can burn it when it is finished. 🙂

#3. Don’t overthink it, go with the flow

You only need as little as 5 minutes to do a prompt at your desk.  Don’t think… just glue, color, make a mark, etc.


INCLUDED: Digital File – png

 Prices are in CAD – Canadian Dollar


(this is not a physical product. you are buying the digital file that you can use to print as many copies you would like.)