Recycled Paper Sewn Junk Journal Flip Through


I am a big fan of using composition notebooks. I have used them time and time again in the past for my junk journals. They are easy, cheap and provide a ton of space. However, when I am willing to put in the work of sewing, I love using random sized papers to create a unique junk journal.

I use recyclable papers, such as colored coloring pages, old book pages, magazine pages, old music sheets, etc.  I fold the pages and place them together 5 to 10 pages then sew them in the fold to create signatures.  Then I hand sew the signatures into the book cover I make with cardboard boxes.

In this video, you will see a flip through of what a junk journal I make looks like before the pen, before I have filled it out.  This is the state of a junk journal I created when it is ready to be used and played in.  My method for junk journaling is to make ephemera; tags, pockets, belly bands, clusters, collage pieces, anything really I can think of, then store them in a big box for me to delve into to fill my junk journal pages.  I only create on the pages at the very last stage. Usually I create glue ins (ephemera) to fill the page most of the time when I am sitting at my craft desk.  Ephemera is so easy and fun to make.

I love the randomness of the layered pages of all sizes. The way it looks and how you can peak at up to two pages beyond the page you are on at some points. It’s important to think of this when you fill it out so it all works together with the design and colors you choose.  A completed junk journal is not the goal, it’s the process of making it that brings me satisfaction and I love the flow I get in while creating them.  I have been thinking of putting a few in the library boxes around town where you can take a book or leave a book.  However, I’m unsure how people would respond. I guess I could put a note in it saying, use it anyway you like or leave it for someone who would be interested.  🙂

I would love to hear what you do with your completed ones.  I keep myself from creating as much as I want because of my constraint on space.  I don’t journal enough to fill the ones I make.  I have one ongoing junk journal that I write a page about every month or two, since I haven’t made it a habit, nor do I have space for an account of every day in my life. haha.  Also, I don’t even look through my old photos, what makes me think I would find it interesting to read old journals if it was an every day read. chuckles.