Using Sticker Paper Scraps with Watercolor Paint for Ephemera


After I make stickers using my cricut, I always have left over sticker paper in strips.  I collect them then do a mass painting with watercolors to decorate them for using in my junk journal as page borders.  I also add sections of the strips to tags, pockets, etc.  I try to always use my leftover scraps so I can get every inch of use out of them. I just wiggle my paint brush over the paper making brush strokes.  I pick usually up to three colors that I think will work well together.  I blend the colors together where they meet.  I like to use a good amount of water so the the tone is muted keeping them from being too bold or bright.

What junk journal ephemera do you make that is not mainstream known by everyone?  I would love to hear in the comments.

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