Using up my Paper Scraps to create Clusters


I have a cardboard box that I decorated that holds all my scraps of paper from magazines, books, pattern paper, cardstock, stuff from product packaging, things from the mailbox, you name it…  I don’t throw out much if I think I will be able to use it.  Of course, I do have one rule and that is, when the box is full to the brim, I do a mass blind edit without putting too much thought into it. Usually I grab from the bottom and recycle my leftovers that never made it into a project.  Here is a wonderful video on this idea from by bun here. I can not say how freeing this video is to let go of the scraps.  I had multiple bins going when I first watched this video.  I will be honest and say I did slip after the first watch. I did have to go back a year later and watch again to regain control but now it’s easier.

Here I go over one of the ways to make clusters that can be easily glued onto a junk journal page or added with a paper clip.  They are terrific for cutting up and adding to other ephemera you make as well.  I try to not really think too much so I can mass make in a short time.  I finished each cluster off by putting them through my sewing machine. Now that I have my setup where my machines are all out and ready to be used it has really helped me fall back in love with using my sewing machine for junk journal ephemera making.

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