Watercolor Swatch Palette Sheets on Book Pages


This is truly a fun way to use up those book pages you have been hoarding. At least, I know I have been! I love picking out an old 70’s garden book from the thrift store for .35cents.  Usually they have nice thick cream paper that is matte and just perfect for using in a ton of Ephemera making projects.  Add snippets of these watercolor swatched pages to your ephemera or make them the backdrop to your next masterboard, tags, pockets, etc. The options are endless.

I find this kind of painting to be very zen. I get in the flow and time just escapes.  It’s so lovely playing with colors.  It just makes me so happy and in the end it did not cost much, which also keeps me pleased.  It also keeps the pressure low which keeps judgy brain syndrome from happening.  If it’s prized precious supplies then it’s so much harder to let go and have fun.

I love using watercolors for the translucent look and how easy it is to mix pastel muted tones.   These pages also make a great start for doodling on.  Use each brush stroke as a doodle spot. Have fun with it.

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